The Smeltery is one of the most fundamental Slimefun machines. It is not only used to smelt dusts into Ingots but also for making Alloys.

NOTE: The Smeltery requires fire beneath it. While smelting items, the fire will randomly get consumed, so make sure to reignite it when that happens.

How to build a Smeltery

The recipe is already found in your Slimefun Guide, but here is the final version:

You can also place an Output Chest next to the dispenser to catch your crafted Items. Without an Output Chest, the items will just land back in the dispenser.

How to use the Smeltery

If you want to craft an Item using the Smeltery, get your items ready and put them into the dispenser (shape does not matter). Now right-click the Nether Brick Fence and you should see the Smeltery craft your item.

Tips and tricks

Since the Smeltery's fire can be consumed every so often, make sure to either have a Flint and Steel ready or do one of the following tricks:

  • Put a piece of netherrack 2 blocks under the Smeltery, so the fire does not randomly go out without actually using it.

  • Use a dispenser filled with Flint & Steel to ignite the fire again. You can hook it up to an Observer Block or a redstone clock to automate the re-ignition.

  • Utilize the Automatic Ignition Chamber, which will automatically re-ignite the fire.

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